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Controller, sensor, system solution

KUNSHAN KOZE INSTRUMENTS CO.,LTD. Development, production and sales of water quality analysis instruments

Founded in 2010, Kunshan Sanze Instrument Co., Ltd. is committed to the development, production, sales and service of water quality analysis instruments, sensors and system solutions. The main products are pH/ORP, dissolved oxygen, ion concentration, electrical conductivity, residual chlorine, turbidity, suspended soli...

  • Protecting the environment is our responsibility
  • Creating a better life while creating a good fortune

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The 13th Five-Year Environmental Protection Policy
08 2019-08
On February 18, at the meeting of Chinese and foreign journalists, the Minister of Environmental Protection Chen Jining m...
China's environmental analysis instrument industry status
08 2019-08
According to the US survey agency SDI report, China has become the worlds second largest economy in the past ten years, a...
Water quality monitoring equipment service
08 2019-08
In recent years, the water quality monitoring market has been vigorously developed, and water quality monitoring and oper...
2019 Shanghai World Expo ended successfully
08 2019-08
China Environmental Expo is the worlds largest environmental exhibition in Chinas IFAT exhibition in China. It has been d...
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